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Booking a Program

Scheduling the Magician with a Mission to perform for your students is as 1-2-3!

1.  Look through the Program Offerings and decide which program meets your needs!
With so many programs from which to choose, it may seem overwhelming at first! The reason I offer so many different educationally significant programs is to provide a wide range of experiences that motivate and inspire your students to read and to learn! You can choose a program that meets your needs now and then invite me back for a return appearance to share one of my other programs in the future!  In fact, I take it as the highest of compliments to be invited back to schools and libraries who have already experienced my programs!!!

2.  Look at your calendar and determine the preferred Date(s) you would like to schedule!!
You may have a specific date in mind to coincide with a special event in your calendar or you may be flexible. I will do my best to accommodate your scheduling needs, but please remember that while I am an excellent magician, I can only be in one place at a time! Therefore, I encourage you to plan early so that you can get the date(s) you want! You also need to decide how many programs you will need so we can determine the length of my stay. You can schedule a Half-Day (1 or 2 Programs) or a Full-Day (3 or 4 Programs).

Many people ask for my advice with this decision, so here are my suggestions:
If students will be seated on the floor at the same level as the performance, I recommend no more than 150 students at a time.  If you try to invite more students, the kids sitting in the back feel that they can't see and it can be a real challenge to keep them seated.  No one gets as much out of the program in these situations. If you have performance area such as an elevated stage or if students can be seated in bleachers while I perform on the floor, then I recommend as many as 400 students at a time. Smaller groups are better than larger groups, but those are my thoughts on the matter.

Let me take a moment to encourage you as you make plans to consider networking with other schools and/or libraries in your area to take advantage of Block Booking Discounts that can reduce or even eliminate travel expenses!  You can learn more about this below! I recommend that you send out an e-mail to the others educators in your district or on your list serve to let people know about the program you are hosting and ask if anyone wants to be part of the tour.

3.  Contact my office in order to confirm availability of the Date(s) and Program!!!
You can call me at (513) 398-0123 or send an e-mail at david@magicianwithamission.com. Please be ready to discuss the following:

Choice of Program
Preferred Date(s) and How Many Programs You Need
Schools/Libraries you have Identified that want to be included in this Tour

Once plans have been confirmed, you will receive a packet with a simple Confirmation Letter with Contract, an Invoice, any Promotional Materials available for the program you have chosen, and a Suggestion Sheet outlining ways you can get the most out of our time together. What you will NOT get are a lot of surprises, difficult riders, or lengthy contracts with silly demands!

Performance Fees

What are the Performance Fees for Presenting at schools?

School Programs are scheduled by the day rather than the number of presentations. To maximize the educational impact of these programs, you are encouraged to schedule smaller groups rather than attempting to pack all your students into one assembly. The Performance Fees for School Programs are as follows:

Half-Day Performance Fee:  $550.00 
Includes 1 or 2 Assembly Programs
Must be scheduled for either the Morning or the Afternoon!

Full-Day Performance Fee:  $875.00
Includes 3 or 4 Assembly Programs

Travel Expenses for performances outside of the Greater Cincinnati Area may apply.
You may reduce or eliminate travel expenses by networking with other schools in your area!

The Full-day can be shared between two schools at no additional charge.
One school would schedule programs in the morning and the other school in the afternoon.
By sharing a day with another school, each school would pay one-half of the Full-day fee.
For your convenience, each school can be invoiced separately.

There is a 10% discount on all programs performed in August or September!

What about the Math-Magics Classroom Workshops?

The Half-Day and Full-Day Performance Fees apply for the Math-Magics workshops. Because these “hands-on” workshops take place in the classroom rather than an assembly, I can present as many as 3 workshops during a Half-Day visit and as many as 6 workshops during a Full-Day visit!

What about Evening Performances for PTA/PTO Programs?

Sometimes your school may have special events in the evening like PTA/PTO programs for the entire family.  Yes, I can help you with programming for family events as well! You can choose one of the themed shows from the Program Offerings page or you can request the Family Fun show which features 50-minutes of good, clean, family entertainment! The Performance Fee for an evening program is $500.  However, if an evening program is booked in conjunction with an assembly during the school day, you will receive a discounted rate of $350.

What about Performances for Public Libraries?

Public Libraries offer reading programs for children throughout the year. The most popular children’s program at the library has to be the Summer Reading Program! Since children are out of school, this is a great way to encourage reading during the summer months. The American Library Association encourages libraries across the country to offer such programs and provides support and resources by designating a new theme each year.

For instance, the 2008 theme is called the Catch the Reading Bug @ Your Library! You will find my Catch the Reading Bug program on the Program Offerings page. While many presenters are using the theme to talk about insects and bugs, my program puts a different twist on the theme with Dr. David Readmore who is determined to create a virus called The Reading Bug that will infect children with the love of reading! The Performance Fee for Library Programs is $350.00 plus travel expenses. Travel expenses can be reduced or eliminated by networking with other libraries in your area!

What about Travel Expenses 
and How can I reduce or eliminate them?

Travel expenses are so simple to understand that you may not believe it!  In fact, you may be interested to know that many schools and libraries NEVER pay travel expenses!  Although I am based in the Cincinnati area, I can travel wherever I am invited!  Travel expenses (mileage, food, and lodging) are grouped together and determined at a flat rate much lower than you would pay on a per-mile basis plus per diem.  Then you are provided with a very simple way to opt out of paying travel expenses!!!

You can reduce or eliminate travel expenses if you network with other schools or libraries in your area!  Depending on where you are located there may be a minimum number of days that must be scheduled in order for me to travel.  However, the travel expenses can be WAIVED if you are willing to help me make connections with other schools or libraries that book my program while I am in town. I recommend that you send an e-mail to the others educators in your area or on your list serve to let people know about the program you are hosting and ask if anyone wants to be part of the tour.

Please consult the map below to determine the zone in which you live. Then you can determine any minimums that apply as well as the number of Full-Day bookings that will allow the travel expenses to be WAIVED completely!

Zone 1:  No Minimums -- No Travel Fees
Zone 2:  Minimum 1 Full-Day Booking + $100 Travel Fee -- Fee Waived with 2+ Full-Day Bookings
Zone 3:  Minimum 2 Full-Day Booking + $200 Travel Fee -- Fee Waived with 3+ Full-Day Bookings
Zone 4:  Minimum 3 Full-Day Booking + $300 Travel Fee -- Fee Waived with 4+ Full-Day Bookings
Zone 5:  Please Call for a Quote
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