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Meet the Cast  Here is your chance to meet the cast of the Magi
Jack Rabbit

This “funny bunny” has the distinction of performing for 6 seasons with David!  When asked how he likes starring in the show, Jack replied, “All I can say is it has been a hare-raising experience!”

Nickname:  Oreo
Favorite Food:  Trix Cereal
Current Read:  The Dumb Bunnies
DVD Picks:  Harvey, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
iPod Playlist:  Born to be Wild
YouTube Fav:  7-Up Commercial
Larry the Duck

This “fine-feathered-friend” is one of the newest members of our cast.  Larry says the thing he likes most about working with David is all of the jokes!
He says, “David really quacks me up!”

Nickname:  Larry the Duck
Favorite Food:  QuackerJacks
Current Read:  Duck for President
DVD Picks:  Mighty Ducks, Duck Tales
iPod Playlist:  Rubber Ducky, The Chicken Dance
YouTube Fav:  Aflac Commercial
Penn Dragon

When he is not performing in Color Your World,
Penn is working on a brand new illusion in which
he will levitate himself several feet into the air.  
We are planning to call it . . . “DragonFly!”

Nickname:  Smokey
Favorite Food:  Three Musketeers
Current Read:  Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
DVD Picks:  Shrek, Dragon Tales, DragonHeart
iPod Playlist:  Puff the Magic Dragon
YouTube Fav:  Donkey & Dragon

This Canine-American is more than a hound dog!
He helps solve all kinds of great mysteries!!!  Clue believes he is an indispensable part of the show!  
“Without me, Inspector Magic would be clueless!!!”

Nickname:  Snoopy Dawg
Favorite Food:  Snausages
Current Read:  Wishbone Mysteries
DVD Picks:  Blue’s Clues, 101 Dalmatians
iPod Playlist:  Who Let the Dogs Out?
YouTube Fav:  Basset Hound Beat Box
David Hennig

While some say he’s a real joker, rumor has it he’s playing with a full deck!  When you invite speakers
to your school or library, you don’t want to gamble!
David has programs that suit your every need!!!

Nickname:  MagicMan
Official Drink:  Diet Mountain Dew
Current Read:  Magic for Dummies
DVD Picks:  The Prestige
iPod Playlist:  I’m a Good Reader, Power of Books,
     I’m Going to the Library
YouTube Fav:  Harry Potter “You Can Do Magic!”
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