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Improve Student Math Scores!!!

Math-Magics is a "hands-on" workshop in which students learn magic tricks they can perform with ordinary objects like playing cards and dice. All the secrets are based in MATH SKILLS!  Following the Demonstration, students always ask, “How did you do that?” They quickly learn that “It looks like MAGIC, but it’s MATH!!!” After the Explanation, they have opportunity for Participation to practice these new skills. Math-Magics is presented in the classroom with students working in small groups. David can visit classrooms or you can have the workshop in a central location (like the library) so that classes take turns throughout the day. Math-Magics Classroom Workshops make Math Scores soar!!!

Type of Program: Classroom Workshop     Recommended Audience: Grades 4-8     Length: 60 minutes per Session
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It’s Contagious!  It’s Outrageous!!
It’s just what the Doctor Ordered!!!

Dr. David Readmore has the prescription to help your students Catch the Reading Bug! Through magic, puppets, and music, your children will be exposed to the Reading Bug! There will be outbreaks of amazement and infectious laughter followed by a notable elevation in your book circulation! Let the epidemic begin!!! This program stars Dr. David Readmore and Larry the Duck. It features two amazing new songs that your students will love: I’m a Good Reader” (a parody of “I’m a Believer”) and The Power of Books (a parody of “The Power of Love”).

Type of Program: Assembly          Recommended Audience: Grades K-5          Length: 50 minutes
Diversity, Tolerance, Anti-bullying

Color Your World takes the serious topic of diversity and presents it in a fun and magical way! Students will learn about conflict resolution, dealing with bullying, and accepting differences. They'll learn about sign language, Braille, and what it might be like to have different abilities. Although we have differences that make each of us unique, we learn that these differences make us strong. This program features an adorable dragon and concludes with moving song “Don’t Laugh at Me.” This heart-felt program is a great way to kick off the school year by reminding students how to treat each other with respect.

Type of Program: Assembly          Recommended Audience: Grades K-5          Length: 50 minutes
American History

Psst! Are you looking for a logical way to help students get-a-clue about reading and American History? Then we have an amazing mystery for you: The Case of the Missing Clue!!! Inspector Magic enlists the help of students to decipher clues from documents like the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights to learn what makes the USA different from any other government in world history! Treat your students to a patriotic look at our rights and responsibilities as citizens in the greatest country on earth!

Type of Program: Assembly          Recommended Audience: Grades K-5          Length: 50 minutes
Arts Education

This program features amazing illusions, period costumes, and traditional music that will help students see how magic developed as a performing art throughout world history! Performances include magic from ancient China, ancient Egypt, post-renaissance Europe, and contemporary America. Students will learn that magicians throughout history did not have supernatural powers, but did possess knowledge of science, psychology, and theater that allowed them to entertain or exercise influence over others.

Type of Program: Assembly          Recommended Audience: Grades K-8          Length: 50 minutes
Building Self-Image through Character

Many educators are looking for programs that deal with building self-image. Most assembly speakers tell students they should have a good self-image, but don’t tell them how to develop one. In this program, students will learn the 3 most popular ways that people use to try to build self-image and why they don’t work! More importantly, students will learn the key to building self-image through developing strong character. This program reinforces concepts of making good choices, following the rules, and treating others with respect!  

Type of Program: Assembly          Recommended Audience: Grades K-8          Length: 50 minutes
Substance Abuse Prevention

This program is an entertainment experience that encourages your students to celebrate the drug-free and alcohol-free life! Through the use of spectacular magic effects and audience participation, students will learn a basic definition of substance abuse and be able recognize 3 key reasons why people are lured into drug and alcohol use. More importantly, students will leave with a memorable outline of specific things they can do to stay off the path that leads to substance use and abuse. This is just the ticket for Red Ribbon and D.A.R.E. programs!!!

Type of Program: Assembly          Recommended Audience: Grades K-8          Length: 50 minutes
Winter Holiday Festivals

All Aboard!!! This holiday season treat your children to a program that is trainloads of fun! Join Conductor David as he takes you on a “magical” train ride around the world to learn about different winter holiday celebrations like Winter Solstice, Diwali, Kwanzza, Ramadan, Hannukah, and Christmas! Using magic tricks, puppets, stories, and music, students will be introduced to how people of different cultures celebrate the winter holidays!

Type of Program: Assembly          Recommended Audience: Grades K-5          Length: 50 minutes
Science:  Simple Machines

Work Smarter Not Harder uses some amazing demonstrations to teach students about the six simple machines: wheel and axle, pulley, lever, wedge, inclined plane, and screw. Students will learn how simple machines make work easier by changing the direction or the amount of force required to move or alter objects.

Type of Program: Assembly          Recommended Audience: Grades K-5          Length: 50 minutes
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