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“As a teacher and as Director of the Joe Nuxhall Character Education Fund, I would like to commend you on your outstanding program The Magic is In You! that you presented at Central Elementary School! I always consider a program to be successful if the children are attentive during the performance AND if there was a worthwhile message shared that leaves a lasting impact after the program. Your presentation style of blending magic with your message certainly kept students’ attention. Most impressive is that more than a month after your visit, I am still having meaningful conversations with my students about the things we learned in your program! Thank you for helping us reinforce the message of developing strong character in our students!”
Kim Nuxhall, Teacher, Central Elementary School, Hamilton, OH

“The Math-Magics Classroom Workshops you presented were absolutely wonderful! The program was upbeat and kept the attention of our students. The teachers told me they appreciated your emphasis on practicing mental math skills and the way you encouraged students to learn more about magic by checking out books in the library! Students told me throughout the day that your workshop was AWESOME!”
Carla Parker, Curriculum Coach, Sublimity Elementary School, London, KY

“David performed his Magic Around the World program as our Resident Artist in 30 of our schools over a two-week period. Every minute of the performance was filled with music, costumes, and narratives about the history and development of magic as a performing art. We highly recommend David for his professionalism, his skill as a magician, and his ability to reach and teach students with his art.”
Nancy Dunnick, Evansville Children’s Theatre, Evansville, IN

“I was thrilled with the relevance of the Color Your World program to lessons we teach about diversity and anti-bullying while incorporating information from our Core Content in the areas of Practical Living, Vocational Skills, and Arts & Humanities! I loved the fact that you incorporated so much content while entertaining the students with magic that wowed and amazed us all! The students have never been so quiet and well-behaved going back to their classes!”
Cathy Barwell, Principal, Ryland Heights Elementary School, Covington, KY

“The Inspector Magic program was fun, entertaining, and educational at the same time. I have already told both teachers and other librarians about the educational value of your work. I really loved the reading and library promotions! Please send me more information about your other programs!”
Lisa Carnes, Children’s Services Director, Laurel County Public Library, London, KY

"Thanks for your performance of PREVENTION MAGIC as part of our Life Skills program. Your message was presented in a creative way that made learning about substance abuse prevention fun and relevant for our students. Evaluations from our students and faculty gave your program the highest rating of all of our speakers! Put us on your schedule for next year!"
Kevin Dunnette, Teacher & Faculty Sponsor, New Miami Schools, Hamilton, OH

“The thing that stands out most about David’s performances is his professionalism, his teaching abilitity, and that he is able to engage the students in a learning experience directly related to the Core Content we are required to teach. Math-Magics is a great program and definitely worth the time!”
Bridget Powell, Teacher, Central Elementary School, Paducah, KY

"By giving students an historical perspective to various cultures from which the art of illusion emerged, you allowed them to feel immersed in the sights and sounds of another time and place. The period costuming and traditional music of each featured culture greatly added to the ambiance of the entire performance. By crossing the traditional lines of social studies, geography, science, math, music, and the performing arts, you provided an enrichment to the curriculum in a way that an individual teacher could rarely accomplish in the classroom."
Mary Helen Klem, Enrichment Coordinator, Holy Trinity School, Louisville, KY

"Principals are often leery of bringing in presenters without knowing whether they can truly relate to kids. Believe me -- each of our 400+ students was totally enthralled with David! His ability to relate to students in the Assembly Programs and in the Classroom Workshops was phenomenal!  I saw the culmination of his time here resulting in something our students will never forget!  You will not find a man of greater integrity or professionalism anywhere who can truly hook kids into the love of learning. David's programs brought the love of learning to our school and made boredom and apathy disappear!"
Mike Lamb, Principal, Hoover Elementary School, Bartlesville, OK

“We thoroughly enjoyed David’s presentation of Math-Magics Classroom Workshops at our school! He engaged my students in activities that were of high interest and standards-based with magic tricks that emphasized Number Sense and Pattern Recognition. David was able to keep the attention of my most challenging students! The look on their faces when the ‘got it’ and found the math in magic was priceless!”
Debra Thompson, Teacher, Mt. Airy School, Cincinnati, OH

“Due to a great support staff our teachers are not required to stay for programs during school-wide assemblies. I would like you to know that not only did all of our teachers stay . . . everyone stayed to watch your performance! You had all of us mesmerized with your talents!”
Margaret Ann Brown, Counselor, Highland Elementary School, Owensboro, KY

“We really enjoyed having Inspector Magic visit our library during the Summer Reading Program! I liked the way you helped children learn about American History and about using the library in your program. All the feedback we received from the kids and parents was that they loved it!”
Cindy Hayes, Brown County Public Library, Sardina, OH

“David’s classroom management skills were excellent and he maintained a high level of interest throughout the Math-Magics Classroom Workshop. The students were amazed by the magic tricks! We were amazed how David made learning math so much fun! I believe this is something our students will never forget!”
Hollee House, Teacher, Johnson Elementary School, London, KY

“David’s performances at our libraries were truly magical. The Magic Around the World program helped our children appreciate the cultures of people who live in different countries. The tricks and illusions presented were entertaining and mind-boggling at the same time. I really appreciated the way David motivated our children to learn more, to read more books, and to do well in school. I would highly recommend David’s programs to all libraries and schools!”
Lena Tidal, Director, Caudill Memorial Library, Whitesburg, KY

"David Hennig's performance of The Magic Is In You! was very professional and he exhibited outstanding skills in communication. The illusions were highly entertaining and kept students attentive to the strong message of developing self-image by making choices each day to do what is right."
Diane Miller, Teacher & Activities Director, Seneca Schools, Seneca, MO

"Thanks for a wonderful presentation of the MAGIC AROUND THE WORLD program. Students were entranced by the costumes, music, and magic from different cultures. The faculty appreciated the emphasis that magicians did not rely on supernatural powers, but on knowledge they acquired!"
Patti Hund, Teacher, Grant County Middle School, Dry Ridge, KY

"Our students were fully attentive and totally enjoyed your program, THE MAGIC IS IN YOU! Thank you for your professional and motivational performance! Students learned the importance of making good choices which develops character and leads to a strong, healthy self-image."
Dr. Margaret Click, Counselor, Griffin Middle School, Leesburg, FL

"Our students were totally enthralled by your MATH-MAGICS Classroom Workshops. Our teachers were very impressed with your ability to communicate math concepts clearly and your expertise in working with students. The Magic Around the World program was a tremendous hit and played to a standing-room-only crowd! The parents were most appreciative that it was not only entertaining, but a learning experience as well!"
Jeanne M. D'Alessandro, Principal, Pearl Road Elementary School, Parma Heights, OH

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend David’s Math-Magics Classroom Workshops to you! Through his knowledge of magic and mathematics the students connected mathematics to a real world application in which they saw math come alive! Each presentation can be connected to one of the four strands of mathematics. My students gained a great deal from David’s tricks that enriched their number sense and mental math abilities. David’s professionalism shined through as he was well-organized and prepared for each lesson. My students were engaged in his visits with great enthusiasm!”
Ray Taylor, Teacher & Mathematics Chair, Newport Middle School, Newport, KY

David Hennig truly is the Magician with a Mission! He has a sincere interest in educating children and showing them the power that mathematics has in his chosen profession. His presentations are well planned and the students benefit greatly from his organization and attention to detail. The students learned tricks that were appropriate for their grade and ability level. This greatly increased students’ interest and participation because they were comfortable academically with the material and concepts being presented. I began to see those reluctant and hesitant students come to life during David’s visits to our classrooms. As a teacher, I was impressed by David’s dedication and commitment to his work not merely as a magician, but as an educator!”
Kate Moore, Teacher, Two Rivers Middle School, Covington, KY

“David performed his assembly program called The Magic Is In You! for our students. The content of the program was highly respected by both the students and the faculty. The message of the program was that students can build self-image by developing their character. This program reinforced the Kentucky emphasis on Character Building programs. Your school would benefit from the programs David has to offer!”
Kimberly Rakestraw, Guidance Counselor, Slaughters Elementary School, Slaughters, KY

“David’s performance at our school included important messages about maintaining a positive self-image, resisting peer pressure, and having a positive outlook on life. Not only was the message important and valuable for our students, it was presented in an engaging manner. While presenting his message, David entertained the students with music, humor, and some exciting magic tricks. The students were captivated by both the magic tricks and the message he presented. I would highly recommend David and his programs to schools that want to present a positive message to students.”
Chris Newton, Teacher, Colerain Middle School, Cincinnati, OH

“David’s message was both entertaining and educational. Our students were awed by his amazing illusions which segued perfectly into his 3 strategies for avoiding drugs and alcohol. He defined substance abuse in a simple and direct manner and delivered the anti-use message in a magical way. Our students enjoyed David’s approach and I was impressed with his professionalism both as a magician and as a prevention speaker. If you are looking for a substance abuse prevention speaker that provides an entertaining twist on the message, I highly recommend David Hennig as an excellent choice.”
John Miller, Counselor, Carrollton Exempted Village Schools, Carrollton, OH

“We are constantly trying to host quality school assemblies that are able to hold the attention of our students and have a motivating message that is worthwhile. I especially appreciated the magic tricks that not only entertained our students, but communicated a message of setting high standards and being responsible leaders in the community. Without hesitation, it is my pleasure to encourage you to consider David Hennig!”
Bill Clifton, Principal, Van Wert Schools, Van Wert, OH

“The thing I liked most about your Math-Magics Classroom Workshops was watching your mastery as a teacher! You have a great rapport with the students and a wonderful sense of how best to keep them ‘in the palm of your hand.’ The workshop was exciting, entertaining, and challenging at the same. You gave clear instruction to our students and gave them wonderful opportunities to be successful.”
Sr. Mary Ann Zwijack, Teacher, Corryville Catholic School, Cincinnati, OH

Math-Magics Classroom Workshops is one of the best programs I have ever seen! The kids LOVE it! They really pay attention because they love the idea of being able to WOW their family and friends! The students are actively in engaged because they participate with a partner right in the classroom. The are always reminded that “It looks like magic, but it’s math!” I highly recommend this program!”
Ede Gurry, Teacher, Mt. Airy School, Cincinnati, OH

“The thing I liked most about the Color Your World program is that the kids were able to laugh and enjoy this program that addressed many serious things. Your program was fun and entertaining yet had a real purpose! I loved the song ‘Don’t Laugh at Me’ you sang at the end of the program!”
Cyndi Braude, Weigel Elementary School, Cincinnati, OH

“If you bring David to your school for Math-Magics Classroom Workshops, you are in for a treat! David motivates students to use math in a fun and exciting way. ALL of my students were interested and involved! I really appreciated David’s clear explanations and the motivation he instilled in my students about math!”
Marcia Bell, Sublimity Elementary School, London, KY

“I know you had fabulous crowds all over Evansville and we especially enjoyed you at the Oaklyn Branch! The thing I liked most was the integration of books and reading into your program. You helped them understand the importance of reading even to learn how to perform magic!”
Beth Pieper, Children’s Librarian, Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library, Evansville, IN

“The thing that stands out most about the Math-Magics Classroom Workshop is how excited the students were and how they responded in such a positive way! David’s demeanor and presentation was very upbeat and positive. I really liked the way everyone was able to participate!”
Diane Allen, Teacher, Johnson Elementary School, London, KY

“Thanks for appearing at The Commons as the star of our Dinomite Kids Show. I believe it was the largest audience I’ve ever seen for a family show at The Commons. With standing room only and people squeezed into every conceivable corner of our large public place, there is no question that you and your program were a big draw! Your blend of humor, magic, and positive messages were very well received by all!”
Sherry Stark, Executive Director, Columbus Area Arts Council, Columbus, IN
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