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What’s the Mission?

When people first hear the name Magician with a Mission, curiosity gets the best of them and they just have to know the answer to the question, “What’s the mission?” 

While magicians are well-known for guarding their secrets, I am always glad to talk about this! Magician with a Mission started with the heart of a teacher who was genuinely committed to reaching and teaching children by inspiring them to read and to learn! Although children see me as a magician, my real secret is that I am a teacher in disguise!!!

It didn’t take long for me to learn that before you can teach children, you must get their attention! There is something about the art of magic that captures attention and raises curiosity! Children can’t help but watch and wonder!! This creates some awesome teachable moments!!!

One of the greatest gifts we can give to children is to help them develop a love for reading and a thirst for learning.  With these basic skills, children will be able to build a foundation for success not only in school, but ultimately, in life!

Researchers have found that children who are readers achieve better grades in school and higher scores on standardized tests.  The most amazing thing about this research is that it does not seem to matter what children read, as long as they are reading! My programs are specifically designed to motivate your students to want to explore the library, to inspire them to seek out new kinds of books, and to encourage them to read!!!

Another area that educators tell me is so important is helping students develop strong math skills! Unfortunately, many teachers tell me they have a lot of students who say things like this:

     “I don’t like math!” -- “I can’t do math!!” -- “I’m no good at math!!” -- “Math is too hard for me!!!”

These negative thoughts toward such an essential skill can be frustrating to both students and teachers!

In response to this area of concern, I have developed a “hands-on” interactive experience for the classroom that motivates students to want to develop their math skills!  The premise of the Math-Magics Classroom workshop is very simple:

    I perform a magic trick for the students.
    The students always ask, “How did you do that?” 
    I explain the students that “It looks like MAGIC, but it’s MATH!”
    Then, they ask me to teach them how to do these amazing magic tricks.
    In order to perform the magic tricks, the students have to practice and sharpen their math skills 
     . . . which they will gladly do so that they can perform the magic tricks!

Now, I know what you are thinking:

    “That’s not fair!”
     “Those kids don’t have a chance!”
     “They don’t even realize that you’ve made learning fun!”

That is what makes visits from the
Magician with a Mission so amazing 
and, more importantly, so valuable to your children!

I look forward to bringing my creative programs to your school or library soon!
The potential for motivation, inspiration, and education is more amazing as the magic itself!!!

Finally, please make sure that you network with other schools and libraries in your area
so that you can qualify for Block Booking Discounts including options that can reduce 
or even eliminate travel expenses!
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